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Flight Organization

The most common difficulties in organising the New Year's trips

Booking flights for high-demand dates

The closer to public holidays, the fewer suitable options remain on the market. There is a risk of not only having to pay twice as much as when booking early (that is, 2–3 months before the flight), but also facing the problem of the limited choice of aircraft. In this case, there are two ways out: the first is to book flights in advance, and the second is to use the Empty Leg system, in which you should give preference to low-demand dates.

A short light day in winter and its impact on the operation of airports

Mountainous airports where the main winter resorts are located are very weather-dependent and only operate during daylight hours, so there is a high risk that passengers will not be able to land at the destination airport and will be sent to an alternate airfield. And this involves additional time and costs. Provisions should be made for alternate airports and suppliers if need be. The weather-dependent airports in France and Switzerland include: Samedan, Chambéry, Zion, Annecy and Grenoble.

Large amount of outdoor equipment

Particular attention should be given to an aircraft's luggage compartment capacity. Accordingly, for this purpose, you should find out in advance from your passengers the dimensions, volume and quantity of their equipment. Otherwise, the crew will have nothing else to do but place it in the cabin, which will, to a certain extent, reduce the passengers' comfort during the flight.

Transporting children and animals

Transporting children requires separate preparation. Firstly, provisions should be made for a children's menu and special food, depending on the age of the children. Secondly, it is necessary to take care of the children's leisure or provide a carer who will look after them. An unoccupied child on board may become a source of such misfortunes as scribbled seats or walls of the cabin, as well as many other surprises caused by mischievous kids. Ask paediatricians' advice in advance, especially when it comes to transporting children aged under one year.

In turn, non-compliance with the norms of transporting animals can lead to a lot of unpleasant oddities, starting from the costs of cleaning filthy cabins and ending with problems related to veterinary control of different countries. Otherwise, an animal may end up in quarantine or, worse still, may not be allowed to travel abroad, in addition to the general health problems that they may develop during the flight.

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