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Benetti Lana. Yacht of The Year

The Italian shipyard Benetti, part of one of the fairly successful Azimut-Benetti holdings, did exceptional work in the year that is now ending. 107-meter Lana, the first of three 100+ yachts, was handed over to the client. It was built under the super vision of Imperial specialists to make it part of Imperial charter fleet. 

Despite the fact that Monaco Yacht Show, this year’s key superyacht exhibition, was cancelled and Lana was not shown to Imperial and Benetti customers where it could potentially be, there was a lot of talk about this beautiful yacht during the summer season. Julia Stewart, Director of Imperial, describes her experience of working on this unique project: “Lana is not our first experience with Benetti, and we are very happy to build 100+ meter yachts for our clients at this shipyard. We commend the professionalism, flexibility and rapid decision-making of Benetti employees. Lana has become part of the Imperial charter fleet. Its owner and our charter clients have already scheduled their voyages to many different locations worldwide on-board of this superb yacht. I’m quite convinced that Lana has everything to become the next decade’ best charter yacht.”

In turn, President of Azimut-Benetti, legend of the world yacht business Paolo Vitelli makes the following statement about Lana: “This yacht is an example of excellence in both construction quality and style. This is a new icon of the phenomenon called Made in Italy well known to everyone. I am very grateful to the owner of the yacht for his trust.”

Lana turned out to be the first Italian yacht in many years to break the superiority of German and Dutch shipyards in the world’s largest yacht list. Apart from being 100% Italy built and designed (the interior and exterior design of the yacht was developed by the Benetti shipyard; the marine architecture was created by the experts from the P.L.A.N.A.– PierLuigi Ausonio Naval Architecture, whose name resembles the yacht’s one), the yacht boasts another unique features – e.g. impressive ceilings, 2.7 meter in height. It is no wonder that last year, after launching, but before handing over to the owner, Lana won the prestigious World Yacht Trophies award as the best yacht with a length of more than 82 meters.

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